All features at a glance

The epos Hazardous Substances Manager has a modular structure and can be adapted exactly to your requirements. You only buy functions that you really need.

Create safety data sheets

Create and manage safety data sheets professionally and efficiently.

Classify hazardous substances

Classification and labelling of the mixture.

Safety Data Sheet Wizard

Automatic filling of the safety data sheet.

ECHA adapter

Easy transfer of substance data from the ECHA homepage.

Output management

Links between safety data sheets and your recipients.

Occupational health and safety

Operating instructions and hazardous materials catalogue with compliance with statutory regulations.

Client management

Safety data sheets issued under different product names or manufacturers.

Hazardous substance labels

Create hazardous material labels from a safety data sheet.

Technical data sheet

Creation and management of documents containing additional information for the user, such as instructions for use, etc.

Automated shipment

Always current safety data sheets for your customers.

Sales assistant

Views specially adapted to sales aspects.

Update assistant

Supports you in updating the safety data sheets after an update.

Dangerous goods classification

Transport-relevant classification of the product.

SDSComXML interface

Exchange safety data sheets electronically with other systems.

Exposure scenarios

Creation and management of exposure scenarios.

PCN Manager

Creation, management and transmission of notification data to the relevant national authorities.

Make data available on the intranet

Internal distribution of documents such as safety data sheets and operating instructions.

ERP connection

Integration of hazardous substance management into the company software via web service interfaces

Basic Configuration

Are you looking for a particularly cost-effective, easy-to-use and intuitive hazardous substance management software with extensive functionality for all crucial tasks?

With the epos Hazardous Substances Manager you have everything you need for your professional hazardous substance management at hand – including automatic hazardous substance classification and the SDS Wizard (automatic filling of SDS chapters 4-8 and 10-13)! And EuPhraC even helps you to correctly formulate complex contexts.

If your software requirements grow, configurable interfaces or multilingualism are desired, no problem. Of course, an upgrade is possible at any time.

An upgrade to the other country variants is possible at any time. It is also possible to add individual languages.

Advantages at a glance

  • Clear and easy to use

  • Contains the EuPhraC standard phrase catalogue (as an aid to correct formulation)

  • All lists required for creation (hazardous materials list, TRGS list, EWC, etc.)

  • Automatic classification calculation of hazardous substances

  • Clear and cost-effective creation of SDSs

  • Creation of hazardous material labels according to the SDS

  • Ready-made layouts for output

  • Management of SDS distribution

  • Revision management

  • Optional quarterly or annual updates possible

Functions in the basic packageOptional functions
Safety data sheetPCN managerExposure scenarios
Hazardous substance classificationClient managementHazardous material labels
SDS WizardDangerous goods classificationAutomatic shipment
Distribution SDS managementECHA adapterSales assistant
EuPhraC catalogueUpdate assistantOperating instructions
Technical data sheetHazardous materials catalogue
SDSComXML interface

Pre-assembled language packages

The language packages mentioned are prepared, although you can define the individual combination of languages yourself for 7 and 14 countries. Apart from that, all the combinations you want and need are of course also possible.

We show you how to get started with the epos Hazardous Substances Manager .

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With the epos Hazardous Substances Manager you manage your hazardous substance documents in a practical way and in compliance with all legal regulations.

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