Seminar Centre

Chemicals law is a complex field. In order to be able to meet the legal requirements after appropriate qualification, we offer various seminars and further trainings on diverse topics. These include, in addition to the epos trainings, the teaching of expertise in the creation of SDSs, practical trainings on the creation of safety data sheets or detailed trainings for experienced users.

In addition, we are certified as an institute for the provision of further training in the expertise required by the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance. Accordingly, we support clients in obtaining and maintaining the relevant expertise for placing certain hazardous products on the market.

Current Events

No events currently planned.


Are you interested in an online training or an in-house training?

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Florian Haußmann

In-House Training

Support at the start promotes later efficiency when working with epos.

Our in-house training courses, which you can take advantage of at the time of purchase – but also later – not only support you efficiently in getting started with the epos solutions, but we also teach you working methods specially tailored to you for more efficient working.


  • Requirement discussion with the IT
  • Joint installation of the server and the clients
  • Instruction in the recommended data backup


  • General overview of the purchased modules
  • Settings on the subject of user rights

In Practice

  • Dealing with the epos folder / workspace structure
  • Explanation of the tool buttons / menu bars / preferences
  • Managing self-defined substances and their properties
  • Dealing with legal lists (also chemicals law)
  • Creation of a new company data set incl. company logo
  • Creation of a new SDS (name / company address / recipe / explain options)
  • Dealing with standard sets (if necessary for multilingualism)
  • Classification & labelling of the SDS
  • Completion of the chapters
  • Output of SDS, archive generation and export of SDS
  • Filter search and grouping functions
  • Dealing with the modules on occupational safety and health
  • Final discussion

Online Training

The epos online training is a simple and cost-effective training option for your software.

Our trainer takes over the programme control on your computer and demonstrates the training contents to you. Small exercises on the use of epos can be checked directly via the Internet and corrected if necessary.

Training and support for epos users

From intensive training for productive use to immediate support in the event of unexpected difficulties.

A short overview of the possibilities of our support for epos users.

In-House Training

Practice-oriented training on your premises: Individual support for getting started as well as imparting content for efficient working with epos.

Online Support

Immediate help by phone & internet: Short-term, immediate online support in difficult situations.

Online Training

Interactive software training by telephone & internet: Learning units split in terms of content and time address the specific needs of an individual user.