Partner & network

Dirk Menzel, 

Well-functioning partnerships bring benefits to all involved

Efficient hazardous substance management requires not only comprehensive knowledge of current legislation, but also market and expert knowledge from other areas.

Our partners provide us with technical support in the development of epos, supply us with the necessary software tools or are competently available as qualified contact partners.

We are not only committed to our high quality standards of topicality and correctness, but also to fair cooperation with our partners.

At this point, we would also like to expressly thank our customers, whose feedback plays a significant role in the further development of epos.

Always being up to date

with what is happening in the market, is enormously important to us. To ensure that we can always provide you with the latest legal content with each epos update (4 times a year), close cooperation with qualified information providers is very important to us.

And since cooperation is also based on giving, we are happy to get involved wherever we are needed.

Our partnerships

epos AG is a corresponding member of the VCH

Our participation in the AK Gefahrstoffe (Working Group on Hazardous Substances) of the VCH results in a lot of valuable information which we can contribute both to the strategic orientation and directly to useful features of epos.

Are you a VCH member?
Then please do not fail to inform us of this when you first contact us. Because with the cooperation agreement negotiated between the VCH and us at the beginning of 2008, you will receive discounted conditions (10% on all epos modules).

epos AG is an expert in REACh Net

Many companies seek qualified advice in the REACh Net (consulting service for the REACH regulation – REACH helpdesk) when it comes to implementing the REACH regulation.

The diverse topics discussed in turn also directly support our product development.

Die epos AG & das Qualitätsmanagement – wir sind Mitglied im BITMi

Optimal processes tailored to your needs are the basis for our high-quality products and services. With our membership in the BITMi, we take another step towards stabilising the promised secure partnership. In this way, we are always up to date to offer you innovative product developments.

Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand

Our network

ACA-pharma concept GMBH
BioCity Leipzig
Deutscher Platz 5
04103 Leipzig
T: +49 (0)341. 33 73 33 60

GfG Gesellschaft für Gefahrgut mbH
Amriswilerstr. 51
CH – 8590 Romanshorn TG
T: +41 (0)56. 222 57-42

IFZ Ingenieurbüro und Consulting GmbH
Bahrfeldtstr. 36
10245 Berlin
T: +49 (0)30. 2904 897-10

REACH24H Consulting Group
No. 327 Tianmushan RD.
6F, Building No.2, Hopson Centre
Hangzhou, China
T: +86 (0)571. 87 0075-41

REACHECK Solutions GmbH
Frohsinnstr. 28
63739 Aschaffenburg
T: +49 (0)6021. 1 50 86-0

UBR Product Compliance Group
Kardinal-Döpfner-Str. 36
63768 Hösbach
T: +49 (0)6021. 411 034

GUS Group AG & Co. KG
Bonner Strasse 172-176
50968 Köln
T: +49 (0)221. 37 659-0

IFS Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG
Am Weichselgarten 16
91058 Erlangen
T: +49 (0)9131. 77 34-0

Körber Supply Chain Consulting GmbH
In der Hub 2 – 8
61231 Bad Nauheim
T: +49 (0)6032. 348-0

PART Business Solutions GmbH
Unterer Talweg 46
86179 Augsburg
T: +49 (0)821. 80 80-122

Schweinfurter Str. 9
97080 Würzburg
T: +49 (0)931. 46 555-0

EB-Soft GmbH
Kernerstraße 62
74076 Heilbronn
T: +49 (0)7131. 94 66-0

NiceLabel Germany GmbH
Birkenwaldstr. 38
63179 Obertshausen
T: +49 (0)6104. 405 40-0

OPAL Associates Holding AG
Motorenstr. 116
CH-8620 Wetzikon
T: +41 (0)44. 931 12 22

QualiSys GmbH
Bahnhofstrasse 40
40764 Langenfeld
T: +49 (0)2173. 399 16-0

Römerstraße 4
86438 Kissing
T: +49 (0)8233. 23-4002