Create technical data sheets

with the epos Hazardous Substances Manager

The “Technical Data Sheet” module enables the creation and management of documents containing additional information for the user (such as instructions for use, etc.).

With this module, individual information from the safety data sheets can be used to generate information sheets.

With a one-time definition of the contents, a technical data sheet can be quickly generated for each of the required products.

Creation of documents, e.g. for production

Creation of e.g. instructions for use, descriptions of properties required during processing.

Direct access to information

Direct access to the information of the safety data sheet during creation (selection for transfer of information possible).

Adaptation of the layout

Adaptation of the layout with regard to headings, texts and freely definable tables.

Reports on the Detergents Regulation

With the help of the technical data sheet, the two required reports according to Annex VII, section C (data sheet for medical personnel and data sheet on substances) can be generated. The concentration ranges to be published are automatically taken into account.

Own reports

You can create your own reports, which are not included in the scope of the epos Hazardous Substances Manager. All reports can of course also be output in several languages.

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