Update Assistant

Updating the safety data sheets after an update

The update assistant of the epos Hazardous Substances Manager supports you as a user in updating the safety data sheets after an epos update.

The assistant searches through the legal changes and displays the safety data sheets with the affected formulas. In this way, you can quickly and easily see which data records need to be checked and, if necessary, adjusted.


Install your quarterly or annual update of the epos Hazardous Substances Manager as usual.


Based on the legal changes, the update assistant determines which formulas of your safety data sheets are affected by the changes and displays them in the overview.


You can conveniently edit or reclassify the affected safety data sheets from here.

Clear display of changes to safety data sheets by legal lists (Annex VI of the CLP Regulation, air and biological limit values, SVHC, etc.).

Various filter options for amendments to the CLP Regulation or other legal lists (individually or in combination)

Direct repetition of the classification or opening of the safety data sheet from the update assistant

Setting the SDS status (e.g. to "locked" or "to be edited") for later editing

Export in list form of all (or selected) records for later editing

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