Classify hazardous substances

with the epos Hazardous Substances Manager

The module “Hazardous substance classification” takes over the classification and labelling of the mixture.

The epos Hazardous Substances Manager determines the classification and labelling of the mixture from the substance information stored in section 3 of the safety data sheet and some chemical-physical information.

Determination of country-specific values

> Water hazard class
> Swiss VOC
> VVOC according to ChemVocFarbV (2004/ 42/ EG) or 31st BimSchV (1999/ 13/ EG)
> Danish MAL code

In combination with the additional module "SDS Wizard", the epos Hazardous Substances Manager guides you step by step through the classification and labelling of the formula.

All calculated results can be adjusted at each step. In this way, the company's own measured values can always be included.

The function of automatic classification repetition saves a lot of time, as any number of formulas can be updated "by pressing a button". This is particularly helpful, for example, after updating a legal list or changing the formula.

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