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Our international team of experts takes care of the creation and the annually required updates of your safety data sheets. 

We are also happy to answer questions and explain results or provide tips and advice, for example in the event of incorrect supplier data sheets or discrepancies.

In addition, you receive free online access to your data with many practical functions that make it easier for you to manage your safety data sheets.

Creation and annual updating of safety data sheets in accordance with REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 and other legal areas (UN-GHS, CLP)

More than 50 language/country combinations possible

Legally compliant and on time

Absolute confidentiality regarding your data and formulas

Data delivery as PDF, RTF or import file

Free online access to your data and other practical functions

Free online access to your data and other practical functions

Anmeldung zum Online-Zugang

Your personal online access
Access your data at any time and from anywhere. All you need is a PC with internet access.

Everything at a glance
Keep track of all data of your safety data sheets and the corresponding substances.

Export your safety data sheets in SDSComXML format and transfer your data to other systems or to your customers.

Print your safety data sheets for Germany as PDF.

Document history
Track and monitor all changes to your safety data sheets using the document history.

Link your safety data sheets to your customers
Specially defined sales products can contain any number of data sheets, making it easy to link them to customer data.

Optionally, you can equip your online access with further functions

Additional languages
Optionally, you can equip your online access with further functions
Additional languages.

Operating instructions
Automatically transfer data from your safety data sheets to your operating instructions.

Client management
Assign different product names, product numbers and print layouts for each safety data sheet to meet your customers’ requirements.

Your own safety data sheets
Create and manage professional safety data sheets yourself.

Hazardous substance classification
Classify your hazardous substances yourself and have your safety data sheets automatically filled with the results.

Provide data on website
Make hazardous substance documents available to customers on your website, publicly or password-protected.

Import safety data sheets
Import safety data sheets from your suppliers in SDSComXML format.

Hazardous materials catalogue
Assign your hazardous substances to specially defined workplaces.

Connection to other software
Software components such as ERP systems can be easily connected via web service interfaces.

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