Making data available on the intranet

mit the epos Hazardous Substances Manager

With increasingly networked company divisions, the desire to realise access to hazardous substance documents from different departments or employee groups is also growing. The epos Hazardous Substances Manager with its web browser-supported application is fast, efficient – and above all paperless.

Using the browser-based solution, employees can access the latest data at any time via the intranet.

The user searches for documents in the epos Hazardous Substance Manager database using the convenient search mask.

Documents can be displayed, saved as PDF files or printed.

Safety data sheets

Technical data sheets

Operating instructions


> Create, edit, delete
> Assigning hazardous substance catalogues and operating instructions
> Creating reports of the workplace description and the hazardous materials catalogue

Easily configurable individual layout

Web interface in German-English possible

Practical example

Our customer “Kiel” produces generic drugs and has been working with the epos Hazardous Substance Manager since 2005. The company and its 5 branches had a decentralised hazardous substance management. They were faced with the task of concentrating this at the headquarters.

“It was not only the organisational effort that we wanted to get a better grip on. We were concerned not only with more safety in the workplace, but also with a “uniform look”.

Today, our product safety department creates many hazardous substance documents centrally for all locations. We have well over 600 Safety Data Sheets and a large number of hazardous material labels to manage. Once created, these are available as PDFs to an assigned group of employees via the intranet application.

We also centrally create operating instructions samples for our occupational safety department. Operating instructions are created as needed by responsible employees in the branches and assigned to specific workplaces. In addition, each location maintains its own hazardous material catalogue/s on the common platform.

Economically, the step was equally a milestone for us. The central maintenance of the epos Hazardous Substance Manager database saves our resources considerably. And thanks to the efficient networking of our hazardous substance management, colleagues have relevant documents – in a company-compliant layout – safely under control at all times.”

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