Creation, management and transmission of notification data to the competent authorities

According to Article 45 of the CLP Regulation, importers and downstream users placing hazardous products on the market are obliged to report the chemical composition and the chemical identity and concentration of the substances contained in these products to the national competent authorities.

The PCN Manager helps you to make this process as efficient and simple as possible.

The reporting files are managed in a database of the epos Hazardous Substances Manager, thus no separate filing management is necessary.

  • Clear presentation of the formulation data to be reported, including raw materials and, if required, their formula data.

  • Overview of the associated sales products with corresponding UFIs

  • Simplification of private label and article management

  • Simple representation of the MiM UFI

Thanks to system-to-system integration, the notification data can be transmitted to ECHA’s notification portal without any further intermediate steps.

  • Easier fulfilment of documentation obligations in the event of enquiries from authorities

  • Quick information for the user about notified products

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