Collection of supplier products


By collecting data on supplier products, the effort required to create safety data sheets is considerably reduced. Our international team of experts takes care of the research and the data entry.

The data serve as a basis for building an up-to-date and reliable raw materials database.

The services include:

  • Collection of substances, products and safety data sheets
  • Search for current safety data sheets
  • Checking safety data sheets for topicality


  • Access to an updated and reliable database
  • Basis for developing a raw material database
  • Further use of the safety data sheets, as multilingual edition and with your own logo
  • Creation of hazardous substance labels, hazardous substance inventory and operating instructions from the safety data sheets
  • Execution of analyses for non-approved ingredients

Additional services

By providing a medical emergency number, the legal requirements of the respective countries are met

We handle all communication with authorities such as the poison information centres, the Federal Environment Agency and the state offices for consumer protection

Search of substance data required for the preparation of safety data sheets and review of existing safety data sheets.

We take care of the creation of legally compliant hazardous substance labels on the basis of the safety data sheets

According to REACH regulation and other jurisdictions (UN GHS, CLP).

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Sales Managers

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Collection of supplier products
Collection of supplier products