Chemical Service

In order that you can concentrate on your core business, we take over the preparation of safety data sheets, registration of supplier products and much more.


Timely creation

Whether individual order or comprehensive outsourcing

Legally compliant

Creation of safety data sheets according to REACH regulation and other legal areas (UN-GHS, CLP)


Creation in over 45 language-/country-
combinations possible


Data delivery as PDF, RTF, SDSComXML or for the import into epos Hazardous Substance Manager

Our Services
at a glance

We create your safety data sheets – on time, legally compliant and cost-effective

By capturing the supplier products, we reduce the effort required to create safety data sheets

By providing a medical emergency number, the legal requirements of the respective countries are met

We handle all communication with authorities such as the poison information centres, the Federal Environment Agency and the state offices for consumer protection

Search of substance data required for the preparation of safety data sheets and review of existing safety data sheets.

We take care of the creation of legally compliant hazardous substance labels on the basis of the safety data sheets

Get your Service-Plus offer with many attractive advantages now!

We handle the creation and all legally required updates of your safety data sheets.

You get free online access to your documents with many convenient advantages.

  • Full access to your safety data sheets at any time
  • Monitor all changes of your safety data sheets via Audit Trail
  • Manage your safety data sheets with different product designations, company data and print layouts
  • Assign your safety data sheets to your customers
  • Issue your safety data sheets as PDF or export your safety data sheets in SDSComXML format and transfer your data to other systems or to your customers

Sales Managers

The Sales Manager will take the time either by telephone, e-mail or even on-site, to work out the best solution with you.

Chemical Service
Chemical Service

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Our solutions are used in numerous industries and in various company areas.

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