SDS Wizard


The SDS Wizard automatically fills the safety data sheet.

The concrete user guidance on the basis of 11 steps (from the input of the initial data over the classification up to the references for further processing) guarantees a structured and safe development of the necessary contents.



  • Automatic filling of the safety data sheet
    Specific user guidance in 11 steps
    > Query of the information required for the classification in section 9
    > Notification in case of missing data
    > Query of the H-phrases that cannot be calculated
    > Query of further details on the preparation

  • Protocol generation and storage possible

  • Step by step through the necessary classifications
    > (ÔÇ×Hazardous Substance ClassificationÔÇť)

Depending on the selection, the SDS Wizard automatically fills up to approx. 80 % of the safety data sheet based on the calculated classification. Only a small number of manual additions have to be entered, so that the work involved in authoring the data sheet can be drastically reduced.


  • Display of the classification

  • Display of the determined standard phrases by sections

  • Notes on further processing of the SDS by section

  • Creation and storage of a protocol for traceability and subsequent updating

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SDS Wizard
SDS Wizard