Sales assistant


The sales department needs precise information about the products manufactured and must be able to answer customer inquiries precisely and quickly. With this module the sales department is integrated into the process.

The “Sales assistant” automatically adapts to the conditions of the module configuration.

With the “Sales Assistant” module, it is possible to purchase functions such as the output of safety data sheets for the sales department at a lower cost than with another full license.

The reduction in functionality leads to a simplification of the operation for employees from other departments.



  • Views specially designed to sales aspects
        > All program parts that are disturbing for the sales department are
             not visible in the view of the sales assistant. The sales assistant is not
             unnecessarily burdened with details. The sales department can
             neither create nor edit new hazardous substance data records.
             In addition, numerous output options are available.

  • The assistant grows with the integration of additional modules
        > If further, additional modules are integrated at a later date,
            the assistant automatically grows with them.

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Sales Managers

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Sales assistant
Sales assistant