Safety Data Sheet


epos Hazardous Substance Manager is the ideal software solution to create and manage safety data sheets (SDS) professionally and efficiently.

The ingredients can be individually adapted and stored in the database. By using masks, safety data sheets for product groups can be created quickly.

In addition, raw material formulations that have already been created can be used as product ingredient.

Safety data sheet samples




  • Authoring, managing and issuing of safety data sheets
        > depending on the selected country version over
           45 language/country combinations possible

  • REACH, GHS & CLP compliant safety data sheets

  • Contains all required legal lists
         > e.g. list of legally classified substances according to Annex IV
            to Annex IV of Regulation (EC) 1272/ 2008, TRGS 900/903/905/907,
            national limit value lists for EC member states and other countries,
            substances hazardous to water, ADR, European Waste
            Catalogue as well as H and P phrases and
            EUH phrases

  • Creating an individual SDS / MSDS database

  • The output is done by printing or as PDF-
    RTF-, EDASx©-file (XML)

  • Revision management

  • Import & export interfaces (starting from country
    version German.English)

  • Individual layout adaptation


  • Intuitive user interface that can be customized to your needs
  • Filters make it easier to look for specific records
  • If you have any questions about operation or legal regulations, our support staff is at your disposal
  • Annual user day with lectures and a large circle of users
  • Exchange of data with your ERP via interfaces

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Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet