Provide Data on the Website


Effortless publication of hazardous substance documents on the Internet
(public, password protected)

The control for publishing is done directly from epos. Thus you organize the provision for customers and business partners.

The bundling of content from different organizational units for the public is a consistently implemented customer service. With epos you can provide customers and business partners with hazardous material documents on your website and optimize business-critical processes and costs.

Due to the connection to epos, the data published on the homepage is always up-to-date. If the access is personalized, the data can be stored customer-specifically – and downloaded individually. Customer service is strengthened.



Integrate your hazardous substance documents into your website. Your customers can then always access the latest version of your safety data sheets.

Best practice

Colt├Ęne/Whaledent GmbH integrates hazardous substance documents into its website in order to provide its customers with up-to-date safety data sheets at all times. Layout and design of the website have been adapted accordingly.

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Provide data on the website
Provide data on the website