Output Management


The management of safety data sheet output determines the links between the safety data sheets and their recipients.

In this way, in conjunction with the revision management, it can be proven which customer received which data sheet when.

By assigning customers to products, also with different safety data sheets, the effort of product administration is reduced. Country variants and products are defined once and do not have to be managed continuously.



  • ┬áSimple assignment
    > Separate data records are created for each customer. In addition
    to the address, the output language and the shipping method
    are also defined. Previously defined sales products
    contain any number of data sheets,
    making the assignment of the customer data very easy.

  • Interfaces for easy communication with other programs
    > This allows the user to access all data in order to export
    it or start own imports
  • ┬áArchives of your SDS for a complete revision
    > Another important point is the possibility to create archives
       of the safety data sheets. It is possible
       to preserve the data sheets in the various revisions.

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Output Management
Output Management