Occupational health and safety – four integral modules


These modules of the epos Hazardous Substance Manager support you in complying with legal regulations.

They are available as individual modules, combined in the Occupational Health and Safety package or as a complete package in the epos Occupational Health and Safety Manager (with additional modules such as MSDS, labels, etc.).



  • Automatic transfer of the substance-related operating
    instructions from the SDS
  • Forms for bio-material / environmental- and machine-
    operating instructions
  • Assignment of the operating instructions to the workstations
    by dragging and dropping
  • GHS/ CLP compliant
  • Multilingual operating instructions (in over
    45 language/country combinations possible)

Operating instruction sample (german)Operating instruction sample (english)Operating instruction sample (french)


  • Assignment of the hazardous substances to the work centers
    by dragging and dropping
  • Additional input options for substance quantities,
    operating times as well as extensive workplace descriptions
  • Detailed reports
        > Storage quantities, working material lists, flexible evaluation
           of the cadastre, etc.


  • Documentation of various hazards
  • Selection of different, predefined inspection elements
  • List of measures for a quick overview of the
    still open tests


  • Assignment of employees to work centers and
    their periods of employment


Prerequisite is the possession of an epos Hazardous Substance Manager license (the epos Occupational Health and Safety Manager is available as a standalone version).

The operating instructions are generated from an SDS and can be adapted to the workplace and assigned using drag & drop. The hazardous substances register uses the connection to the SDS.

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Occupational health and safety
Occupational health and safety