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The module “Laboratory database” is an independent program part, which does not depend on the basic module.

It enables the integrative use of substance data via a common database, from the development of a recipe/product/intermediate to the sale.

With the module “Laboratory database” data can be transferred from the development of recipes to the creation of safety data sheets. Redundancies are thus avoided. The classification functionality can be used to consider the marketability already during the new product development.



  • Easy handling
        > Here you have the possibility to deposit all
            chemical-physical data and for the classification of the formulation
            according to substance and preparation directive or according to
            CLP Regulation (GHS).

  • Display of formulations in different forms
        > An interlocking of formulations in other formulations can be
            resolved over many levels and displayed at any time.
            It can also be determined which information about
            the formulations may go to your sales department.

  • Basis for the creation of safety data sheets, labels and operating instructions
        > A formulation is used for the later creation
            and thus all chemical-physical values
            taken over.

  • Interface to the ERP system
        > Via the interface to the ERP system, formulations and
            price calculations can be made in real time. Furthermore
            production instructions, statistics, sample labels
            and much more can be created and managed.

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Laboratory Database and Recipe Management
Laboratory Database and Recipe Management