Hazardous substances classification


From the substance information entered in section 3 of the safety data sheet and some chemical-physical information, epos determines the classification & labelling of the mixture.

The automatic classification according to GHS (CLP) determines the hazard pictograms, the signal word, H/P phrases as well as additional hazardous characteristics (EUH phrases).

Furthermore, the water hazard class, the hazard-determining components for labelling, the VOC content, etc. can be calculated.



In conjunction with the SDS Wizard, you are guided step-by-step through the classification & labelling of the formulation.

All calculated results can be adjusted by the user at each step. In this way, you can always enter your company’s own measured values.

  • Determination of country-specific values
        > Water hazard class
        > Swiss VOC
        > VOC according to ChemVocFarbV (2004/ 42/ EG) or
            31st BimSchV (1999/ 13/ EC)
        > Danish MAL code

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Hazardous substance classification
Hazardous substance classification