Module Overview


epos Hazardous Substance Manager has a modular design. This means that the software can be adapted exactly to your requirements. In addition, the modularity offers the advantage that you can react quickly and easily to future changes by simply adapting the module composition.


available features

Create and manage safety data sheets professionally and efficiently

Classification and labelling of the mixture

Automatic filling of the safety data sheet

Simple transfer of substance data from the ECHA homepage

Links between safety data sheets and their recipients

Compliance with legal regulations regarding occupational health and safety

Safety data sheets issued under different product names or manufacturers

Generate hazardous substance labels from a safety data sheet

Creation and management of documents that contain additional information for the user, such as instructions for use, etc.

Always up-to-date safety data sheets at your customers

Views specially designed for sales aspects

Use of substance data via a common database, from the development of a recipe to sales

Transport relevant classification of the product

Exchange safety data sheets electronically with other systems

Creation and management of exposure scenarios

Integration of hazardous substance management into the company software via web service interfaces

Publication of hazardous substance documents on the Internet (public, password protected)

Internal company distribution of documents, such as safety data sheets and operating instructions

Prepared Module Packages

The main distinguishing feature of the 7 versions are the languages supported during output. You can determine the scope of services of each country version by selecting a package.

Of course, the modules and output languages can also be combined according to your individual requirements.

Basic equipment

Are you looking for a particularly cost-effective, simple and intuitive PC program for hazardous substance management with extensive functionality for all critical tasks?

epos Hazardous Substance Manager (German)
is the solution.

Stay flexible.

With epos Hazardous Substance Manager, you have everything you need for professional hazardous substance management at your fingertips – including automatic hazardous substance classification and the SDS Wizard (automatic filling of SDS chapters 4-8 and 10-13)! And EuPhraC even helps you to formulate complex correlations correctly.

Further information
Modules in the basic package
Optional modules

  • Safety data sheet
  • Hazardous substance classification
  • SDS Wizard
  • Management of the SDS output
  • EuPhraC Catalogue

  • Operating Instructions
  • List of hazardous substances
  • Risk assessment
  • Client management
  • Hazardous substance labels
  • Technical data sheet

  • Automatic SDS dispatch
  • Distribution Assistant
  • Laboratory database (recipe management)
  • Employment documentation
  • Employment documentation

Advantages at a glance

  • Clear and simple operation
  • Contains the EuPhraC standard phrase catalogue
    (as help for the correct wording)
  • All lists required for the creation
    (list of hazardous substances, TRGS list, EWC, etc.)
  • Automatic classification calculation of the hazardous substances
  • Clear and cost-effective creation of SDS
  • Creation of hazardous substance labels according to the SDS
  • Ready layouts for output
  • Administration of the SDS distribution
  • Revision management
  • Optional quarterly updates or annual updates possible
If your software requirements grow, configurable interfaces or multilingualism are desired, no problem.  An upgrade is of course possible at any time.

The Occupational Health and Safety Manager is a useful addition from the field of occupational safety and environmental protection.

An upgrade to the other country versions is possible at any time. It is also possible to add individual languages.

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Sales Managers

The Sales Manager will take the time either by telephone, e-mail or even on-site, to work out the best solution with you.

Module Overview
Module Overview



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