epos Hazardous Substance Manager┬ácan be easily integrated into the existing IT landscape. Depending on the customer’s requirements, a single workstation or network installation is possible.
The start is simple, with reliable setup routines, commissioning is uncomplicated and fast, even for non-professionals. In addition to the detailed manual, we also provide a short introduction for a quick start.

Beside the general program there are optional possibilities to optimize the start with epos.

Starter Paket

epos Hazardous Substance Manager starter package is designed to help you get started quickly and effectively with the use of epos. The prepared data is imported via the interface contained in epos and can then be used without restriction and as the basis for further own data sheets.

Capturing raw material data sheets

For the creation of safety data sheets, it often makes sense to collect raw material data sheets of the starting materials. Here, two chapters of the data sheet are of particular importance. Chapter 1 clearly allocates the data sheet, chapter 3 provides the formulation for use in derived products. The starter package also includes a search for data on the ingredients contained in the formulations. On the basis of these data, the conclusions for the products can be determined by using epos. This includes, for example, classification and labelling, estimation of physical chemical data, or the filling of further chapters of the MSDS with the help of the module MSDS Wizard.

Creation of safety data sheets

We create safety data sheets on the basis of the data provided by the client. These safety data sheets are created for the EU legal area and delivered as an import file for the epos Hazardous Substance Manager. An appropriate form is provided for the basic data required for the creation of the data sheets.

Emergency number Germany

For the data sheets created by us an emergency number for Germany will be provided for one year.

Registration Germany

For the data sheets created by us, the products are registered with the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) in Berlin.

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Implementing epos
Implementing epos