Hazardous material labels

With epos Hazardous Substance Manager you have various output options for your hazardous substance labels.

On the one hand these can be printed directly via the additional module hazardous material labels.  On the other hand, the labels can be created and printed in your ERP. The necessary information is transferred via file or web service interface and then read and used by your ERP. If you require additional design options, we recommend transferring the data to special labelling solutions such as Nicelabel or EB-Soft.

The data for filling the labels can be conveniently taken from the safety data sheet. The labels are automatically updated when changes are made to the safety data sheet. Data such as batch number, container size or best-before date can be entered directly before printing.

Any formats for printing can be defined and the layout can be adapted as required.

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Output of hazardous material labels
Output of hazardous material labels



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