Desktop application Web application
Web application
Suitable for Companies with few users who want to back up and manage their data on their own server. Companies with many users who want to manage and secure their data in their own network and on their own servers. Companies of all sizes who do not want to worry about installation, updates and data backup.
Basic package
Safety data sheet Included Included Included
Number of possible languages 46 46 46
Parallel formulation Included Included Included
Classification according to UN and for the legal areas EU,
USA, Canada, China and Brazil
Included (depending on version) Included (depending on version) Included (depending on version)
Automatic filling of the safety data sheet (Wizard)
incl. logging
Included Included Included
Revision management Included Included Included
Output management (time, medium, recipient) Included Included Included
Output of the data sheets with different
-substance names
-company names
Included Included Included
Legal lists required for SDS creation Included Included Included
Phrase catalogue Included Included Included
Dangerous goods classification Optional Optional Optional
Operating instructions Optional Optional Optional
Hazardous substances register Optional Optional Optional
ECHA-adaptor Optional In preparation In preparation
Hazardous substances labels Optional Optional Optional
Technical data sheet Optional In preparation In preparation
Automatic dispatch of safety data sheets Optional In preparation In preparation
SDSComXML interface Optional In preparation In preparation
Exposure scenarios Optional In preparation In preparation
Provide data on the internet Optional Optional Optional
Connection to ERP software Optional Optional Optional
Update-Assistant Optional Optional Optional
PCN-Manager Optional Optional Optional
Access authorisation
Users Yes Yes Yes
User groups, functional or roles No Yes Yes
Differentiated data storage Directory structure Data section Data section
Support + maintenance
Technical support Yes Yes Yes
Chemical support Optional Optional Optional
Investment protection Optional Optional Included
Premium Optional Optional Included
Phrases Optional Optional Included
Installation + Operation
Installation At every workstation Once in your network Not necessary
Provision of software updates Yes Yes Yes
Execution of software updates By the user By the user Included
Provision of servers By the user By the user Included
Server administration By the user By the user Included
Data storage On your server On your server On our server
Execution of data backup By the user By the user Included

Whether you choose the epos Hazardous Substance Manager as a desktop application or as a web application for use in your company’s own network or the cloud, you always benefit from user-friendly and flexible hazardous substances management. By choosing epos Software & Service AG, you have an experienced partner at your side who actively supports you, both technically and professionally.


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epos version comparison
epos version comparison



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