epos Hazardous Substance Manager

Author, manage and distribute safety data sheets and MSDS. epos supports the entire information flow from development in the laboratory to the user of the product.

Easy Creation

Create your hazardous substance documents in less than no time

Legally compliant

Classification according to GHS EU, USA, Canada, China and Brazil


More than 45 language and country combinations already available

Expert hotline

Experts will help you with technical questions and with the practical implementation of the legislation

The central solution
for your hazardous substances management

epos Hazardous Substance Manager supports you in creating safety data sheets according to REACH, GHS and CLP.

Effortless publication and sending of your hazardous substance documents.

Connect epos Hazardous Substances Manager to your ERP system via a WebService interface.

Automatic creation of hazardous substance labels based on your safety data sheet.

Be on the safe side when it comes to occupational health and safety regulations.


With epos Hazardous Substance Manager you can handle your hazardous substance documents practically and in compliance with all legal regulations.

From functional safety data sheet creation to occupational safety and health to the integration of hazardous substance management into your existing IT infrastructure. Our software solution can be adapted exactly to your needs.

In more than 45 language/country combinations.


  • Immediately ready for use
  • Comprehensive rights management
  • Easy administration

  • Access at any time and from anywhere
  • Maximum data security
  • Fast and efficient

  • Central installation and implementation of updates


To make the start with epos Hazardous Substance Manager easier for you, we are happy to support you. No matter if you need to transfer data from your old system, adapt interfaces or implement new processes. Just get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.

we will be happy to advise you.
contact us.



Support –┬áAssistance in many areas

We support you with questions regarding the operation of epos Hazardous Substances Manager and beyond. Whether you are a new customer or a long-time user, with patience and the necessary tenacity we will work with you to find a solution for your requirements.

The extended support of our chemical hotline also answers more detailed questions. Whether it’s questions about the origin of classifications, assistance in selecting information sources or the exchange and formation of opinions on interpretable regulation details: our experts are at your side.

Due to our activities in various committees and the active professional exchange, we have our finger on the pulse of the time and can include the current views of the authorities as well as those of industry representatives and provide support if necessary.

Customized software development

During the further development of epos Hazardous Substance Manager, our software developers put much to ensuring that the functionalities are easy to use and as user-friendly as possible. This means that even highly complex processes are implemented in such a way that the software can be operated as intuitively as possible. Further developments and new modules are designed to provide users with the greatest possible support in their daily work.

Improvements and functionalities are continuously added in the regular updates. The users of our epos Hazardous Substance Manager benefit from the more than 20 years of experience in the field of hazardous substance management.

with our service

Whether outsourcing of individual projects or comprehensive outsourcing. epos Hazardous Substance Manager can easily be combined with our services.

The combination of software & services offers many advantages

  • Creation of safety data sheets by our experts
  • Independent updating and management of country outputs
  • Product registration by our experts
  • Provision of the medical emergency number by us

Let us convince you of some real-life examples and contact us about the possible combination of software and services.

Real-life examples

  • Our customer “Traunstein” produces detergents, care products and disinfectants for a wide range of applications. On the one hand he wants to concentrate on his core business and outsource the provision of the emergency number and the product registration, on the other hand he wants to use the advantages of a software solution.

    Our software tools as well as our service offered an excellent combination.  

    After installation, epos Hazardous Substance Manager was linked to his ERP system. The data records of the safety data sheets provided by us allow him all the freedom for any further use. The safety data sheets are automatically sent in accordance with the law and used as the basis for the creation of operating instructions and technical data sheets. From epos, these documents are then made available together as a service for customers on his internet pages.

  • The customer “Bamberg” is a dealer of specialty chemicals. He buys most of these chemicals in Europe and then distributes them under his own name and in smaller containers in Germany and other European countries.

    The safety data sheets are recorded by us and checked for plausibility. The safety data sheets are issued under the customer’s own name, product name, layout and in the required languages directly at the customer’s premises.

Sales Managers

The Sales Manager will take the time either by telephone, e-mail or even on-site, to work out the best solution with you.

epos Hazardous Substances Manager
epos Hazardous Substances Manager



Our solutions are used in numerous industries and in various company areas.

Please ask one of our customers about his experiences with us.

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