Epos as Webapplication

Management of hazardous substances as a web application for use in the cloud (SaaS) or in the company’s own network (on Premises).

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Combine comfort and flexibility
with new technology and innovative features.

Immediately ready for use

epos is simply installed at a central location at your company or on our servers. Your employees access epos conveniently with their web browser. Thus your IT-expenditure will be reduced to a minimum.

Maximum reachability

Access your data from anywhere at any time. All you need is a PC with access to your corporate network or the Internet.

Easy administration

Updates and maintenance are carried out centrally. All your users automatically work with the latest software version.

Comprehensive rights administration

Provide your users with specific rights, create different user groups, and grant access to different data areas.

Fast and economical

Keep your business processes slim and flexible. Get started quickly with our first class infrastructure – worldwide and at low monthly costs.

Data security

You decide where your data will be stored. Use your own servers or transfer your data to our first-class servers. Our cloud-based solution covers all areas of IT security and compliance.

Available Functions

Create and manage safety data sheets professionally and efficiently

Classification and labelling of the mixture

Automatic filling of the safety data sheet

Connections between safety data sheets and your recipients

Safety data sheets issued with different product names or manufacturers

Automated transfer of substance-related data
operating instructions from the SDS

Assignment of hazardous substances to workplaces

Transport relevant classification of the product

Integration of the hazardous substance management into the company software

Publication of hazardous substance documents on the Internet (public, password-protected)

Hazardous substance labels based on MSDS’s

Supports you in actualising the safety data sheets after an update

Preparation, management and transmission of notification data to the national competent authorities


Easy Creation

Create your hazardous substance documents in less than no time

Legally compliant

Classification according to GHS EU, USA, Canada, China and Brazil


More than 45 language and country combinations already available

Expert hotline

Experts will help you with technical questions and with the practical implementation of the legislation

New Technology and
innovative features

epos as a web-based software that allows you to outsource your data as well as the application to the cloud for on-demand use. The required infrastructure (software, parts of the hardware equipment) is no longer hosted on your own computer, but provided as a service in real time via the Internet. The actual application, the processing of the data, its storage and the provision of the results: all this happens in the cloud. As a user, you no longer have to worry about maintenance, updates, version maintenance, hardware requirements and data security. Instead, you have inexhaustible IT resources and a system with maximum security, always up to date.

Of course you also have the possibility to store your data in your own network. For this purpose epos is installed online at a central location in your IT infrastructure. The access to data and applications is not done via the internet, but via your company network. Maintenance and updates no longer have to be carried out at every single workstation.


  • Central installation and implementation of updates
  • Convenient operation
  • Fresh design
  • Rent a product instead of buying it
  • Easy expandability
  • Access from any PC possible
  • System independent (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • Easy migration by compatible database


  • Up-to-dateness of integrated legal lists and program functions by 4 updates per year
  • Automatic classification with different legal areas (CLP/UN/USA/Canada/Brazil/China)
  • Automatic integration of the various national regulations
  • Identification of UN numbers and transport designations for Section 14
  • Automatic translation of the SDS sections possible by connection to the European EuPhraC standard record catalogue
  • Create your own raw material data records or use the European Annex VI list
  • Complete SDS history including changes to previous versions


  • Enter supplier data records and use them as components in any of your own formulations
  • Automated completion of the various SDS sections
  • Manual intervention in any calculation result possible
  • Free or automated assignment of revision numbers possible
  • Prefabricated SDS masks complete the SDS sections with their texts or phrases
  • Add your own phrases
  • Assign any number of product names to one SDS in order to cover the wishes of your customers
  • Link any number of product names to company data records and recipients possible


  • Simultaneous output of the SDS in the selected languages
  • Automatic creation of data records for the BfR product notification and the information system for safety data sheets (ISi)
  • Import and export of SDS
  • Freely selectable storage file names of the SDS
  • Your company logo can be added to all reports for a professional appearance

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epos as webapplication
epos as webapplication



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