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It is clear to those responsible for the area of hazardous substance management: The legislator specifies topics that manufacturers and dealers in the area of coatings and paints have to fulfil. In order to be able to meet these challenges efficiently and as optimally solved as possible, epos AG uses its many years of experience to support your specific industry.


Safety data sheet

Easily create your product data sheets for the required countries and legal areas

  • EU/CLP
  • USA
  • China and others

Private label products

Manage your different brands easily and with little effort

  • One formula -> several products
  • Simple mapping of job order production
  • Presenting customer requirements simply

Prefabricated templates

Save time with predefined SDS templates and dangerous goods filters

  • Solvent based coatings
  • Powder coatings
  • Water dilutable systems

Up to date

By updates you are always on the pulse of time (ATP adjustments) and can react to any changes

  • Product notification with UFI
  • In-can preservative
  • TiO2

We find the solution, that suits you best

Feel free to contact us for your individual solution, whether with or without connection to your ERP, as a cloud solution, installation on your own system or in combination with various services. Our goal is to find the optimal solution for the respective customer and his challenges.

Sales Managers

The Sales Manager will take the time either by telephone, e-mail or even on-site, to work out the best solution with you.

Coatings & paints
Coatings & paints



Our solutions are used in many other industries and in various areas of a company.

Please contact one of our customers to find out more about their experiences with us.

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