Substance search & plausibility check


The search for substance data, which is necessary for the creation of safety data sheets, can be a great effort. Substance listings, physico-chemical and toxicological data and their interpretation can become a challenge. Incorrect classifications due to incorrect interpretations can lead to penalties and additional expenditure.

The examination of the safety data sheets is carried out by the service hazardous substances law. Deviations within the SDS are pointed out and corrective measures are recommended in order to counteract possible complaints from the authorities.

The researched data can be freely reused in epos. Thus your own product safety data sheets can be created much faster, without time-consuming data research.

The plausibility check ensures that the data in a MSDS is consistent and thus does not violate any valid law. The Hazardous Substances Law Service ensures that the products can be marketed properly.



  • Substance search for legally compliant safety data sheet
  • Review of incoming safety data sheets
  • Validation of outgoing safety data sheets
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements
  • Prevention of contradictions in the hazardous substance documents

Additional services

By providing a medical emergency number, the legal requirements of the respective countries are met

We handle all communication with authorities such as the poison information centres, the Federal Environment Agency and the state offices for consumer protection

According to REACH regulation and other jurisdictions (UN GHS, CLP)

We take care of the creation of legally compliant hazardous substance labels on the basis of the safety data sheets

By collecting the supplier products, we reduce the effort required to create safety data sheets

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Substance research & plausibility check
Substance research & plausibility check