Creation of safety data sheets


Our international team of experts takes care of the creation and maintenance of your safety data sheets. You save your resources and reduce your costs through effective and efficient workflows.

  • Creation of safety data sheets according to REACH regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and other jurisdictions (UN GHS, CLP)
  • More than 45 language/country combinations possible
  • Legally compliant and on time
  • Absolute secrecy regarding your data and formulations
  • Data delivery as PDF, RTF, SDSComXML or epos Hazardous Substance Manager import

We are also happy to answer questions and explain results or give tips and advice, for example in the event of incorrect supplier data sheets or discrepancies.




Provide data

For the creation of your safety data sheets we need relevant product information such as composition, raw material data sheets, physical-chemical characteristics (pH-value, flash point etc.) as well as information on product name and company.


Submit data

After transmission of your data we will start processing. If questions or ambiguities should arise during this process, the person in charge will contact you to avoid misunderstandings.


Delivery of the data sheets

The data sheets are supplied in PDF or RTF format. Of course we are available for possible queries. Explanations on results are just as natural for us as the answering of resulting questions on further handling.



The safety data sheet serves the transmission on safety-relevant information of substances and mixtures along the supply chain. It provides all the necessary information that the user of the chemical needs for safe handling. This includes, for example, detailed information on the formulation of the product, possible hazards and information on safe handling and storage.

As a distributor, manufacturer or importer of a product, you are obliged to provide your customer with the safety data sheet at the latest with the first delivery.

The requirements for the safety data sheet are determined by the REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, in particular Article 31 in conjunction with Annex II:

Safety data sheets may only be prepared by competent persons. The supplier of the product is responsible for the content, completeness and topicality of the safety data sheet.

The safety data sheet must be made available to the purchaser in the official language of the respective country. National regulations must be observed and the legally prescribed texts for the respective official language must be used. A pure translation of the safety data sheet is not permitted.


Additional services

By providing a medical emergency number, the legal requirements of the respective countries are met

We handle all communication with authorities such as the poison information centres, the Federal Environment Agency and the state offices for consumer protection

Search of substance data required for the preparation of safety data sheets and review of existing safety data sheets.

We take care of the creation of legally compliant hazardous substance labels on the basis of the safety data sheets

By collecting the supplier products, we reduce the effort required to create safety data sheets

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Sales Managers

The Sales Manager will take the time either by telephone, e-mail or even on-site, to work out the best solution with you.

Creation of safety data sheets
Creation of safety data sheets